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Financial Modelling Group Mission
In the modern financial services industry, the importance placed on financial modelling and valuation skills has increased exponentially. Investment bankers employ Excel financial modelling and valuation analysis in their work on mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings. Commercial and corporate bankers use these same techniques in the analysis of a company’s ability to service debt. Private equity funds model a target company’s financial statements in order to determine the attractiveness of the investment. Even pension funds and insurance companies are using modelling and valuation analysis in order to identify assets for their portfolios. Across the board, these skills are proving to be an integral component to a company’s ultimate success. Financial modelling and valuation skills are also becoming increasingly important for company owners and executives in various industries as these skills assist in various aspects of strategic planning and help address and analyze uncertainty.

At the Financial Modelling Group we emphasize practical aspects of financial modelling in Excel and valuation skills. The Financial Modelling Group's instructors directly draw from their rich and comprehensive experience gained, having valued hundreds of corporations, operating divisions and assets across industries and in various countries. And while each valuation project differs from the next, the fundamental principles upon which these valuations are made remain steadfast. For this reason, our training seminars are designed to address modern business realities with an adherence to these universal principles.

Through our courses we provide aspiring finance specialists as well as more experienced professionals with powerful tools and methodologies to perform financial modelling and valuation analysis. The ability to create a comprehensive financial model of a company, prepare valuation of a business entity or perform a scenario analysis that addresses the corporate risk management needs, all form a powerful skillset framework that can truly accelerate one’s career. At the Financial Modelling Group, we empower you to succeed.

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